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Sometimes compassion, warmth, and character come from a life fraught with adversity and hardship. Taylor Adame is proof of this belief. She has weathered many storms and challenges in her life yet never lost faith or let those circumstances define her. Raised in a difficult home environment with limited parental support, she has overcome a great deal of pain and heartache throughout her childhood. She struggled to survive the most harrowing of circumstances over the years. Yet, Taylor is known by her family, friends, and those close to her for her extraordinary heart, dignity, and warmth toward others. She attributes her perseverance and ability to withstand the many negative events in her past life to her faith, devotion, and trust in the Heavenly Father and His better plan for her life. Gifted with a beautiful smile and an overflowing selfless heart, Taylor is always focused on helping other people and provides an example to those struggling with life's trials and tribulations.


Esther Orange

Esther Orange is our take on a classic marriage of flavors - cinnamon lends warmth and spice while sweet orange brightens and sweetens every sip. A blend of energizing black tea, cinnamon, and orange peel, this simple but bold tea was inspired by the strength and warmth of Taylor Lee, and symbolizes her extraordinary heart, resilience under pressure, and quiet dignity.


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