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Gracey Jane is a beautiful young woman with a bright future. As a college student studying to become a kindergarten teacher, she provides a glimpse into how important this career can be. By showing how kindness, sincerity, and genuine care can make such a difference in children's lives, Gracey helps to mold future generations, and inspire them to live their best lives.She attributes much of her positive outlook and faith to her mother, Amy. She watched her mother navigate life while balancing work, home, and family. "Mom made it look easy - keeping up with three kids, and yet she always found time for each of us. She was the constant for me - the one who always showed up for everything. She became my role model, and now as an adult, she's the one I continue to look to as my rock. My mother taught me the truth, and that's what I hope to pass on to my students and future children."Gracey believes that personal integrity and standing up for one's self are vital in overcoming adversity. She understands that her value and worth are found in God alone, and this faith provides the strength and drive to move forward.Her sense of family and her excitement to work with young children and help them learn and communicate in life is a wonder to behold and shows how a mother's love and influence can truly make a difference. Gracey Jane is our ideal choice to represent the Esther Breakfast Tea.


Esther Breakfast

A good breakfast tea is, for many, the start of a new day, and the Esther Breakfast Tea is the perfect way to begin your morning. A blend of Assam Black Tea and Ceylon Black Tea, this wonderful and majestic blend provides a sense of renewed energy and clarity to awaken your senses for the day to come. Inspired by Gracey Jane, this tea mirrors her sense of brilliance and beauty, coupled with her ability to communicate and teach others with inspiration


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