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It is rare in todays modern world to meet someone with a genuine passion for the act of creating art or music. Someone that feels the emotional connection to the sequence of sounds, the cadence of rhythm, or the elegant vibrato of a song; most people just don’t have the sheer joy or passion in hearing it, much less in composing music for others to enjoy, and improving their state of well being. Emily Sage is a young woman that conveys such energy and love in music, and also in a unique love of tea. A brilliant honor student, who composes and plays piano, Emily is someone we are very proud to include in our family of inspirational women. Working with us on an ongoing basis to blend the teas at Esther Tea Company, her kind heart and radiant creative influence continues to enlighten those around her, and she has become the creator of one of our most popular, and unique Esther Blends - the Rose Chai Tea.


Esther Rose Chai

The Esther Rose Chai lea is a unique blend of Black Tea, with Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamon, and Clove. The unique composition of this tea blend provides sophisticated notes of flavor, with the pure Black Tea starting with a rich and malty base, and exotic fragrant spices adding to the experience. This tea embodies the passion and intuitive joy found in the creative arts, inspired by Emily for her love and emotional connection to music.


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