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Occasionally you meet a person that defines commitment and is obviously meant to succeed - and that person is Dora Sprague.Against all odds, Dora started her journey at age sixteen when she left her home in Colorado to start out on her own. She has worked so hard to better herself and those around her. She is a person that takes no excuses and has devoted her life to helping the underprivileged and championing women everywhere. As the CEO of the company she started with her husband, she is firmly in charge of her future and leads others by her own example of how to live a life full of adventure and fulfillment.She is completely inspired by the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. She explained, "The world outside reflects my sense of adventure and gives me the renewed confidence to keep pushing forward and explore more every day. It's a good reminder of priorities and what is really important in life.Dora is truly a passionate woman full of compassion and empathy for those less fortunate, fueled by the concept of personal accountability. She is absolutely unwavering in her commitment to leaving people she encounters better than when she found them and believes others should work just as hard to fulfill their own goals and assist others."We all have too much potential to sell ourselves short! I believe my life purpose is to give joy to the world through meaningful connections with genuine sincerity," said Dora."Spread kindness and scatter it generously!"

Her strong sense of purpose, commitment, and sense of adventure and wonder make her the perfect candidate to represent a specific tea - Esther Grey.


Esther Grey

Esther Grey is an elegant, sophisticated Black Tea. Blended with the flavors of Bergamot, Orange, and Cornflower leaves. The result is a lively, brisk tea, with a touch of exotic citrus notes that are pleasant to the most refined tea lover. One of our highest-rated teas, this tea has become associated with feelings of mental alertness, hope, and personal accountability - core values held by Dora, the tea's chosen namesake.


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