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Caron Babcock exemplifies the traits of service, compassion, and wisdom; she has had (and continues to) provide an instrumental impact on all who encounter her. Inspired by a genuine and fundamental belief in the Lord, she gives all of herself in selfless acts of kindness and faith. This unshakable faith and devotion have given her purpose, and she attributes some of the direction her life has taken to amazing role models she has encountered on her journey. From a Sunday school teacher who became a friend and mentor to a beloved Evangelist’s wife who taught her to live out her faith for others to see - these influences have shaped her to become an inspiration and guiding light to others going forward. Now in the later years of her life, when many in the world would seek to relax and enjoy their time, she continues to serve others. Caron selflessly gives of herself through church service and volunteerism by overseeing a widow’s ministry in her church - providing comfort, support, and guidance to those who need it. With an overflowing and generous heart, she has supported and helped so many and never passed judgment, and has led others to a life of fulfillment and joy. “God gave me a heart for people and a heart for serving. This is my joy and privilege to do,” she has told others. A true Southern gentlewoman, her kind words, giving nature, and eloquence of speech have truly encouraged others to overcome adversity, draw strength from their faith and devotion, and care for others who are alone. We are honored to have her represent one of our most beloved tea blends, Esther Green Tea.


Esther Green

Esther Green Tea is a blend of Darjeeling Green Tea Lemongrass, and dried spearmint leaf. This combination is an invigorating and refreshing tea that provides a clean, minty tasting flavor with a hint of Spearmint and antioxidant properties. Inspired by Caron, it represents the humanity and kindness, coupled with the wisdom and easy communication that Caron Is known for.


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