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Kindness and hospitality towards others is rare in today’s world. Booth Parker is a shining example of both positive traits, and matches them with a sheer passion for service to others and her faith. A successful businesswoman and a deacon in her church, she shows and embodies the balance that can be found in a life filled with faith, family, and home values. In kindness and joy, she works diligently to teach and help others cope with crisis and succeed in their dreams, and provides encouragement to all those around her to seek God. She is a passionate advocate for animals as well, having fostered a number of rescue dogs, showing that kindness and hospitality is not limited to people alone. Their companionship is something she draws strength from, and she has stated how important animals are to helping us humans heal and feel empathy for others. A powerful voice in her community, she shows the value in strength of character, faith, and devotion to others' wellbeing - a genuine, natural leader.


Esther Raspberry

A fruit-infused herbal tea bursting with flavor and fragrance, the Esther Raspberry Tea includes real raspberries and apple pieces, hibiscus, and rose hips. This cleansing, caffeine-free herbal tea provides a refreshing fruit and floral aromatic blend that is a joy to drink. Known for her kindness, passion for helping others, and hospitality, Booth was chosen as the model for this popular and sought after tea blend.


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