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If dreams were personified, you would find them in Althea Sample Truesdale, Ph.D. A long-time resident of Greensboro, NC, Althea is a woman who believes in pursuing her dreams and encourages others to do the same. “My mother was hugely influential on me,” Althea shared. “She always encouraged me to dream big and work hard to obtain my goals. From her, I learned the importance of perseverance and consistency. Beyond her, I was blessed to be influenced by my grandmothers and my mother-in-law in a similar manner.”Althea earned her undergraduate degree from Spelman College. She would later serve as both dean and professor at Bennett College. “I’m extraordinarily proud that I’ve been able to frame my education and career across the only two historically black colleges for women. Through the opportunities I’ve been afforded, I’ve been able to continue my mother’s legacy — to encourage others to pursue their own dreams.”This heartfelt desire to give back has also manifested in a lifetime of philanthropic giving. “My husband and I were always passionate about supporting our communities. We often supported the arts, urban ministries, educational organizations, and non-profits that helped support women. Whether we gave financially or served on boards — being community-centric was, and continues to be, hugely important to me.”Althea and her husband, Dr. Gerald L. Truesdale, were married for 43 years before he passed away on February 5, 2022. Together, they share a son and a daughter. “I’m enormously proud of my children,” Althea says. “My son has pursued a career in law while my daughter is a leadership development consultant”. My husband and I wanted them to seek their dreams, and they are trailblazing their own paths now.”As a woman of faith whose life’s mission is to serve Christ and serve others, Althea shared, “I trust in the Lord to guide me, and through serving Him, I seek to treat others with the same kind of kindness the Lord has shown with me.”Althea is noted for her fierce loyalty and candor. In her free time, Althea loves to workout, hike, ride bikes, and travel. While she no longer skis, she still enjoys spending time in the mountains and can often be found reading. “I’m a voracious reader,” Althea explained. “I especially love non-fiction, autobiographies, self-care, and anything by John Grisham!”Althea represents Esther Tea Company’s “Lemon Meringue Pie Blend.


Esther Lemon Pie

Esther Lemon Pie is a classic black tea with a delightful blend of zesty lemon, buttery cream lemon verbena, calendula, and vanilla bean. This unique blend creates a savory scent - light and clear with citrus undertones - that is perfect for those cherished moments with your grandmother or for enjoying a sweet treat any time of day.  Lemon is often used as a symbol of luxury, longevity and love which is why Althea was chosen as the inspiration for this mellow cup or joy.


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