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Remember Their Names w/ Juliet Rogers & Dot Smith | Spilling The Tea

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

JULIET ROGERS / DOT SMITHCan you find joy even in the deepest of pain? In this week’s podcast, Tracey gets real, vulnerable, and honest as she is joined by Juliet Rogers and Dot Smith to share and talk about the grief of losing a child. All three women have experienced the unimaginable and yet — they have persevered. They reflect on the importance of memories, speaking the names of their children, and how despite the stages of grief, it never goes in order. Whether they have missed a child for a year, four years, or over 20…. These ladies discuss the faithfulness of God to show up and equip them to navigate the journey no parent ever wants to face.Tea of the Week: Esther GreyJoin us each week for conversations with Tracey Ann Buck, President of Esther Tea Company for an authentic unscripted talk about life. Esther Tea Company was created to bring people together. We will spill the tea about everything from business strategies, culture building and love to tea etiquette, health tips and how one committed person can make a difference. Our chats will lead you right out of your comfort zone and ready to transition to epic! For more about Esther Tea Company and how to pour a cup of joy visit us at --- Try our Tea: #esthertea#podcast#womenempowerment

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